DRACONTIUM is a boutique advisory company founded in Bratislava, operating in the field of strategic consulting and investment management. We provide comprehensive consulting services to local and foreign clients from a wide range of sectors. Our added value originates from combination of many years of experience at leading law firms and the environment of investment and private equity firms. DRACONTIUM also manages its own niche investments, and we would be happy to discuss the possibilities of your participation.

In our projects, we focus on advisory to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as affluent families and individuals. DRACONTIUM's services include:

  • analysis of investment opportunities and comprehensive investment management
  • advice on buying and selling businesses and real estate
  • optimization of structures and internal processes
  • analysis of business risks resulting from legal relations and lawsuits
  • micro family office services


In 2020, immediately after the outbreak of the first wave of COVID-19, for a foreign client, we took over a significant commercial property, which was affected by rather complicated lease relationships and poor payment morale. After onboarding the investment into the client's portfolio and its stabilization, it was necessary to optimize its operations both processually and financially, refinance the property with new bank financing and, together with the advisors for this segment, define a medium-term strategy for its further development. During the holding period, which in this case lasted 18 months, there was an increase in rent-generated revenues by almost a quarter, and the collection of rent reached 100%. Our work with analytical data and strict control of financial flows heavily contributed to this improvement. DRACONTIUM's role in this project ended with the preparation of its divestment, complex management of the sale to the new owner, handover of the site and the settlement of all legal and business relations on behalf of the client.

Pražská 11, 811 04 Bratislava, Slovakia
ID no. 48031763, VAT no. SK2120040208

Maroš Dragúň
E: maros@dracontium.sk
T: +421 915 134 904